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Empowering autistic VET students and jobseekers

Promote the inclusion of autistic people in VET and their employment with targeted initiatives and innovative approaches.
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Autism & VET & Digitalisation & Employmeny

Empowering Autism through VET and Digitalization: A Vision for Inclusive Futures

A Blueprint for Inclusive Employment

Expert Support and Good Practices

Providing targeted expert support through real-world examples of good practice and pilot programs to pave the way for successful inclusive employment outcomes.

Revolutionizing Choices

XR Technologies for Autonomous Career Selection

Breaking barriers with extended reality (XR) technologies, enabling autistic individuals to independently choose their occupations and vocational education paths.

Building Confidence

Simulators and Green Training in Vocational Education

Boosting the self-confidence of autistic individuals through the introduction of simulators for skills training (green training) in vocational education programs. This comprehensive project aims to redefine employment for autistic individuals through innovation, advocacy, and breaking down discriminatory barriers.

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