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Associated Partners


NGO Plavi cvijet

The Plavi cvijet association is an association of parents/caregivers and people with difficulties closely connected with autism spectrum disorder. We're influencing the course of the development of local politics concerning the everyday life of people with different disabilities and to carry out projects that help build stronger families and help our children grow.


The “SRH Vocational Training Center” is an institution for vocational rehabilitation in Germany, specializing in the training and retraining of young people with special needs or disabilities. The vocational training center employs about 750 staff members and offers over 900 training and vocational preparation spots in more than 40 state-recognized professions.

Croatian Employers' Association

The development of entrepreneurship, investment, employment and creation of added value are the key goals of HUP, and our goal is for them to become the center of interest for the entire society. Entrepreneurs are the ones who hire, create new jobs, create new value, create a better environment and preconditions for the growth of the standard of living of all citizens.

Radio 92FM

Non – profit Radio 92FM has been founded by the Multiple sclerosis society of Brod-posavina county in order to better inform the public, but also the MS community. This local non-profit media deals with the problems the community faces, but also gives space to ethnic, religious and other minorities and other subjects that are not dealt with by main-stream media. Its project has been declared one of the best European projects in Croatia. Radio 92FM is independent and apolitical. It is a unique platform where all members of the society can talk about their problems as well as their accomplishments and it also tries to be open towards the whole community.

Radio Ogulin

Radio Ogulin officially started broadcasting in April 1965 and today it is among the ten oldest radio stations in Croatia. The people who founded it left an indelible mark in the history of our radio and the city.

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