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Learn Virtual Europe

The Learn Virtual Europe Kft deals with the distribution of modern VR educational tools developed for industrial vocational training in Hungary and in the Central and Eastern European region as well. We have contracted and educated sales partners in the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, among the others. 

Our technical director has nearly 20 years of experience as a teacher/trainer and and training leader in welding and also has a 15-year history of integrating VR training tools into the industrial VET education in Hungary. Our main customers are VET schools and private training companies dealing with state recognised vocational training and adult training. We are constantly involved in the further development of our VR training products together with manufacturing partners.

Career guidance events:  

Ideally, in the career orientation periods (which here means the spring and autumn period) we take part in a minimum of 40 events in different parts of the country, where we always meet the actors of the vocational schools in the area, returning as an old acquaintance every year. to the venue where the teachers of the industrial schools and, last but not least, the children visit our stand with interest, examining our equipment.  

For example, the biggest event with such a theme is the Profession Star Festival, which is held once a year, a national event in the capital Budapest thousands of people will take part in the 2-3 days of the event.  Reaching county-resident events 800-1000 people / day


Learn Virtual Europe Kft.
Ferenc Benus Jr.

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