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Empowering Autistic Talent through Innovative XR Training and Green Technologies with Green ASC VET – Metautism (2023-2026)

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In October 2023, the Green ASC VET project, also known as Metautism, commenced its three-year mission. This initiative is set to transform the employment landscape for autistic individuals by harnessing extended reality (XR) technologies tailored to their unique needs. Green ASC VET brings together partners from across Europe, generously funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Green ASC VET Metautism baner

Metautism, short for Green ASC VET, is dedicated to supporting and empowering autistic individuals on their path to inclusive employment. Through Vocational Education and Training (VET), participants will acquire essential skills aligned with the demands of today’s job market.

At the heart of this project lies a commitment to putting autistic individuals first, tailoring vocational education to their preferences and fostering their active inclusion in the labor market. This includes advocating for equal rights throughout the job application process, ensuring access to sustainable employment, fair working conditions, and equitable wages.

The utilization of XR technologies offers autistic individuals the unique opportunity to choose their desired occupation and develop skills via specialized simulators designed for skills training. What’s more, this approach is environmentally friendly, contributing positively to the ecological impact of the project.

Key Objectives of the Green ASC VET Project:

  1. Crafting modernized career guidance and skills training programs for autistic individuals.
  2. Developing continuous professional training programs for VET teachers and trainers specializing in working with autistic individuals.
  3. Leveraging XR technologies and 360-degree videos to empower autistic individuals in choosing their career paths and boosting their self-confidence through simulator-based skill training (green training) and interactive exercises.
  4. Raising awareness about the inclusion of autistic individuals in the labor market, with a particular focus on engaging employers.

This endeavor is made possible by a consortium of dedicated partners, including:

The project also enjoys the support of associated partners, including NGO Plavi cvijet (Croatia) and SRH BBW Neckargemünd GmbH (Germany).

In addition to its work on VET and XR solutions, the project will launch an awareness-raising campaign, spearheaded by #STRUKA and Autism-Europe. Together, they will work towards achieving the project’s core objectives and driving meaningful change.

Discover more about the Erasmus+

Programme Erasmus+ stands as the European Union’s flagship program, designed to bolster education, training, youth, and sports across Europe. With an estimated budget of €26.2 billion, the 2021-2027 program places a strong emphasis on social inclusion, green and digital transitions, and encouraging the active participation of young people in democratic life.

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