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The “SRH Vocational Training Center” is an institution for vocational rehabilitation in Germany, specializing in the training and retraining of young people with special needs or disabilities. The vocational training center employs about 750 staff members and offers over 900 training and vocational preparation spots in more than 40 state-recognized professions in the fields of IT, computer science, electronics, automation, systems, and electrical engineering, economics and (business) administration, digital and print media design, technical product design, etc.. Many young people with disabilities rely on a stable home environment and, for instance, require continuous care.

Other limitations can make vocational training in a traditional vocational training center difficult or even impossible. For this reason, the Neckargemünd Vocational Training Center educates this target group in the virtual vocational training center (VBBW) through e-learning.

Training and vocational school education are conducted in virtual group rooms, where the trainees work interactively with instructors and teachers, discuss online, and collaboratively solve tasks. The following professions are offered at the VBBW: IT Specialist, Office Assistant, Industrial Clerk, Office Management Clerk, and Technical Product Designer.

The abbreviation “SRH” stands for “Stiftung Rehabilitation Heidelberg“, an organization that operates a variety of facilities for education and health services.


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