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Virsabi is a virtual reality studio – A technology house of developers and creatives, and one of the first Virtual Reality dedicated companies in Europe, offering business consultancy, advisory work, and technical development for the utilization of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality in business, learning, and education. We are a collective of experienced people working with VR for the purpose of generating value for our customers and partners. 

We are commercially oriented and driven by business goals, though we unite around the utilization of new VR, AR, and MR technology and the fast-maturing creative space. We accelerate leaders, teams, and organizations towards the full utilization of this technology in a commercial and educational context. We have insights, experience, and software, which will accelerate the implementation of virtual & augmented reality technologies. We are professionals and inspiring thinkers whose exploratory mindset lives on the intersection of creativity and technology. 

We deliver expert advice for the full stack of VR, AR, and MR opportunities incl. Content creation, storytelling, e-learning & creative concepts, business solutions, CX, UX, platforms, hardware, software, and Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality strategies. We offer workshops out of our office to inspire educational institutions and companies. We try the technology, share ideas and discuss how virtual, augmented, and mixed reality could benefit your organization. Virsabi employs approximately 30 people, both consultants, and developers.


Kristina Ochmírová

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