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Innoversa Factory

Innoversa Factory GmbH: The company´s activities encompass research and development within research funding programs (in partnership with educational institutions, universities, and companies), alongside services in software development, game development (with a focus on gamification), interactive digital media content creation, web development, brand building, and market research.

Innoversa Factory offers extensive internships to trainees from the SRH Vocational Education Centre, lasting a minimum of six months and up to two and a half years. The goal is to potentially hire some of these interns and to enhance the job prospects of others by providing experience in cutting-edge technologies such as augmented/virtual reality, artificial intelligence, web development, and gamification.

The Innoversa Factory GmbH team is part of a larger collective (comprising 10-12 employees and freelancers) that operates under the non-profit Innoversa® gUG. Dr. Mekacher is the proprietor and managing director of both entities.

The mission of the non-profit organization Innoversa® gUG is:

  • Training IT-focused individuals with disabilities and preparing them for the job market.
  • Imparting knowledge on cutting-edge technologies (new media, virtual environments, artificial
  • intelligence, etc.) to disadvantaged individuals.
  • Conducting practical projects using advanced technologies (e.g., gamification, immersive
  • technologies, app development, AI).
  • Assisting in integrating disabled workers into the labor market and making qualified job-
  • seeking individuals with disabilities visible for permanent jobs, freelance opportunities, and projects.
  • Collaborating with foreign academics or former entrepreneurs with a refugee background who want to establish a business in Germany or continue their previous business

Description of the above bullets: The purpose of my non-profit organization is to promote vocational training in the IT sector, primarily for people facing special challenges, such as individuals with disabilities, the elderly, migrants, and refugees. This initiative aims to facilitate their entry into the labor market through:

  • Providing training in advanced technologies, including virtual reality, augmented reality, app
  • development, and artificial intelligence.
  • Engaging these individuals in practical projects to enhance their qualifications and increase their visibility in the labor market.
  • Collaborating with international academics or former entrepreneurs with refugee backgrounds who are unable to establish their own companies in Germany from scratch.


Dr. Leila Mekacher

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