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Industrial and Trade School Slavonski Brod / IOS

Industrial and Trade School Slavonski Brod (IOS) is a secondary level three-year vocational institution. It was founded in 1947 and has functioned as an independent school since 1991. Its main activity is education of full-time students and adults for lower and secondary level in following educational fields: mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and metallurgy (14 occupations), electrical engineering and IT (6 occupations), traffic and logistics (1 occupation), personal services, safety and other services (2 occupations). 

The school currently educates around 620 full-time students, which makes it one of the bigger schools in the town and county and each year around 100 participants get a degree within one of the LLPs. As the world is evolving so is the School trying to expand its scope of interests and activities. For the last five years we have been more involved in projects dealing with electric/green cars, optical cables, photovoltaic cells and 3D printing as well as digital competences of both teachers and students. We are great believers in the positive impact of European projects on all stakeholders, so we have been heavily involved in all areas/programs almost from the very beginning.


Edita Margeta

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